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Parenthood is filled with surprises.

It starts the moment you bring your baby home and you are filled with a mix of questions, joy, anxiety, and excitement.

It continues as your baby becomes a toddler or preschooler where things can get even more challenging. And one thing almost every parent struggles with is how to help your child sleep independently and peacefully so that the entire family is well rested and happy. The sleep coaching services offered by Leann with Tender Transitions can help your family through this early phase of parenting.

Perhaps you’re longing for better sleep – calmer nights and naps – but you’re not exactly sure what sleep coaching is or where to start. You might be wondering:

  • How do I help my baby sleep in their own crib the entire night?
  • When will my baby be able to sleep longer stretches without my help?
  • Is sleep coaching the same as Cry It Out (CIO)?
  • Why will my baby only sleep when I hold him?
  • How do I help my toddler stay in her bed all night without multiple wake ups?
  • With multiple children, how do we create sleep routines that work for our whole family?
  • I’ve tried everything – how can I possibly find a solution that actually works?

As your Minnesota certified sleep coach, I will get you the answers you need.


Sleep is one of the most important factors in determining your long-term health – even more important than nutrition, exercise, or heredity. The same holds true for your children.

If your child isn’t sleeping well, everyone in your family is at risk for things like depression or extreme exhaustion; lower productivity during the day at work, school, or at home with your children; cranky kids and grown-ups; lowered immune function; and the resentment and frustration between you and your spouse or partner.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As your Minnesota certified sleep coach, and as the first full-time sleep coach in the Twin Cities area, I get the pleasure of helping you figure out a new way to achieve better sleep for your children if the current approach isn’t working. When you’re all sleeping better, you’ll enjoy:

  • increased energy and productivity at home and at work
  • better physical and emotional health for everyone
  • a renewed sense of teamwork and connection with your partner
  • less time spent struggling with sleep, more time spent enjoying your kids

I work one-on-one with you to develop a customized sleep plan specific to your needs and challenges.

Your experience starts with a written, customized plan addressing what needs to change, improve, or be eliminated. It’s clear, precise, and leaves nothing to be questioned. If you are someone who is ready to make a change but just needs a solid plan, this segment of my services will make you very happy!

But it takes more than a written plan and some helpful tips to be successful. Your plan is backed up by several weeks of individualized support from me. I understand how hard and emotional sleep training can be and I will provide you encouragement, nurturing, guidance, and education to help get you through the tough parts. In addition to my expertise as a sleep coach, I also spent years as a postpartum doula and a lactation counselor. I know firsthand the challenges faced by new mothers as they work to bring that precious new member into their families while still trying to keep up an essential amount of self-care. And for breastfeeding moms, I ensure that while we are improving sleep habits we are also keeping your breastfeeding goals intact.

I have the experience caring for mothers and families, and I know how to develop practical, smart sleep solutions that:

  • nurture children, mothers, and fathers.
  • take into account the needs of everyone in the family
  • work with individual temperaments and parenting philosophies in a way that supports effective, caring, and healthy sleep solutions

Your Minnesota Sleep Coach

I offer multiple options of sleep plans to fit your comfort level, and I take a gentle approach in helping you teach your child to develop their own sleep strategies. Give me a call for a free 20-minute phone consultation!

Let’s Get Acquainted!

I want to know what you or your baby/child are struggling with so let’s chat! I bet I can help. Schedule your free, no-obligation 20-minute phone call to see if we are a good fit.

OR Contact Me: Leann@TenderTransitionsMN.com | 612-991-5224

How Old Is Your Child?


Newborn (0 – 16 weeks)


Infant (17 weeks – 24 months)


Toddler or Preschooler (25 months – 5 years)


Multiples (25 months – 5 years)