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2013 Sleep Packages Going Once… Going Twice…

You know the old saying, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life“? Well there was a time many years ago that I honestly wasn’t sure if this was a true statement! I was working 50+ hour work weeks in the Marketing industry plugging along trying to make my accounts happy. I think I was pretty good at it, but I didn’t love it. So I listened to my heart and I took a leap of faith to follow my dreams of starting my own love-filled business as a sleep consultant and postpartum doula.

I have never once looked back.


This year has been such a blessing to me and I can’t wait for what’s to come in 2014! In 2013 I have had the honor of working side-by-side with families who are desperate for sleep in many ways:

  • helping new parents set appropriate sleep expectations for their newborns and how to set the stage early on for their newborn to learn healthy sleep habits as they get older.
  • helping older babies figure out their own “strategy” when it comes to learning more independent sleep habits.
  • working with families to remove strong sleep associations that held their babies back from sleeping through the night and napping well. Sleep props that included nursing to sleep and cosleeping when this wasn’t necessarily the family’s original plan, pacifier use beyond its newborn effectiveness, and needing a parent to rock, bounce, or hold their baby until they are asleep.
  • coaching parents of toddlers and preschoolers about the impact of over-tiredness, lack of routine, and unclear boundaries on their child’s bedtime battles and night time wakings; and helping them find solutions to keep their children in bed all night!

 Do you need help with your baby’s sleep and just haven’t called me yet? Or do you know a friend, family member, or loved one who complains about no one in their house getting sleep?


I have had so much fun building my business, helping families figure out smart parenting and baby secrets, and getting them to a place where sleep and bedtime are no longer times to dread, but times to enjoy with their children. Throughout this year I have discovered even more ways I can help my sleep clients through additional knowledge and information, tips and tricks especially for those 2 and 3 year olds, longer support times, and value-adds that only my clients receive such as tip sheets to help them through things like traveling challenges, handling daylight savings time, or transitioning to a big kid bed. In an effort to reflect the additional value my packages provide I will be increasing my sleep package prices in 2014.


Go to my website and purchase your sleep package at the current rate between now and December 31st so you get the cheaper price. You may be thinking, “But with the holidays here I just don’t have time to tackel this in right now!” No worries… the great news is, you don’t have to worry about trying to fit this in during the holidays if you don’t want to! As long as you schedule your sleep consultation before January 31st, 2014 you will get it at the 2013 price! Now that’s a good deal!


Not ready to purchase but maybe you just want to chat? We can do that too! Set up a Let’s Get Acquainted session with me to tell me all about your sleep challenges and we’ll go from there. This is a complimentary, no-obligation phone call to see if I’m the right fit for your family.

Maybe your children sleep GREAT! But you have this friend who is constantly complaining that she’s getting no sleep because her baby won’t sleep. Then forward this message to her and tell her to buy her sleep package now before the price goes up – or set up a call with me! If she purchases a sleep package and gives me your name, YOU get to go shopping on amazon.com on my dime! Your referrals help ME help others get the sleep that you are already getting.

Feel free to share this great deal in your social media circles, at work, book clubs, or other social gatherings you enjoy!

In Tender Care,