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is melatonin safe for kids. mom giving melatonin to daughter

Is Melatonin Safe for Kids?

Melatonin is recommended by homoeopathic experts as a safe, natural way to improve sleep, in other words, a sleeping aid. And in a lot of ways, that’s true, but there’s a whole lot more to understand about it before you … Continue reading

baby sad to go to sleep

Why is your baby afraid of their crib?

Can you relate to this scenario?  Your family has taken the initiative to develop better sleep habits and you’ve started enforcing your new sleep routine.  Then all of a suddenly on day 3, your little one has developed a new … Continue reading

Are white noise machines safe for babies? Baby with headphones on.

Are White Noise Machines Safe?

Recently, the safety of white noise machines has been raised in the news and on social media. And if you have been following my tips and advice about how to help your child to sleep through the night, you will … Continue reading

how to navigate sleep training in a daycare setting

How to Navigate Daycare while Sleep Training

If you work outside of the home, a huge decision is who is going to take care of your little one when you go back to work. Common choices are daycare, private in-home care, a nanny, or if you’re fortunate, … Continue reading

Is your baby's snoring harmless? What to do if your baby snores.

Is Your Baby’s Snoring Harmless?

Have you ever heard your little one snore or snort in their sleep? As a parent, it sounds absolutely adorable. But is snoring or mouth breathing normal or even okay for your baby? Parents often think that snoring is an … Continue reading

a nursery perfect for sleep, nursery do's and don'ts

A Nursery Perfect for Sleep

There are so many amazing nursery design ideas nowadays. Just plug “nursery” into Pinterest and you will find many drool-worthy rooms. But are all these rooms designed with sleep in mind? Movies tend to show the last step for setting … Continue reading

Get your partner involved with Sleep Training

Getting your Partner Involved with Sleep Training

Successful sleep training is a process that requires willingness and commitment. Ideally from both parents. So, I urge you to get your partner involved with sleep training. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety … Continue reading

How does teething affect your baby's sleep.

Does Teething Affect my Baby’s Sleep?

Drooling, discomfort and crankiness are often signs that a tooth is trying to push through your baby’s gums. And once teething starts, it tends to be blamed for every ailment imaginable, including poor sleep. Baby has a fever… must be … Continue reading

Sleep deprivation affects your relationships

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Relationships

Families that commit to sleep training will often tell me that they now have more energy, are happier and get along with their partner more. Family life seems to just flow easier. Before sleep coaching, sleep deprivation can take a … Continue reading

transition to one nap - toddler boy fast asleep

How to Transition to One Nap

Just when you have a schedule locked down for your toddler, one of their naps starts becoming shorter and your little one throws a monkey wrench in your plans. Your carefully crafted timetable is about to shift again as your … Continue reading