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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Relationships

Sleep deprivation affects your relationships

Families that commit to sleep training will often tell me that they now have more energy, are happier and get along with their partner more. Family life seems to just flow easier. Before sleep coaching, sleep deprivation can take a … Continue reading

How to Transition to One Nap

transition to one nap - toddler boy fast asleep

Just when you have a schedule locked down for your toddler, one of their naps starts becoming shorter and your little one throws a monkey wrench in your plans. Your carefully crafted timetable is about to shift again as your … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Full Night’s Sleep

Benefits of a full night's sleep. Benefits of sleep.

Isn’t it an amazing feeling after having a full night of glorious sleep? You have the energy to take on the day. That restorative feeling is just one of the many benefits an uninterrupted sleep. As parents, we are told … Continue reading

Can You Breastfeed and Sleep Train?

Breastfeeding and Sleep Training

When we become new parents, we soak up information about pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding, sleep training and everything in-between. We read, analyze and filter the appropriate choices based on common sense and our personal beliefs.  We get advice, sometimes unsolicited, from … Continue reading

What to Do When Baby is Sick

What to do When baby is sick

The cold and flu season is quickly coming upon us and during this time, I often get asked, “How do we cope with a sick child and stick to manage their sleep?". To be honest, the onset of a minor … Continue reading

Preventing Overtiredness in your Child

tips to prevent an overtired child baby yawning | Minnesota Sleep Consultant | Tender Transitions

Kids, as with all people, have a natural rhythm when it comes to sleep but when it is disturbed, overtiredness results. Preventing overtiredness is important when you are sleep training your little one. An overtired child and sleep training do … Continue reading

Bedtime Tips for Back to School

Back to School blog graphic | Minnesota Sleep Consultant | Tender Transitions

Summer break is over, school is starting! Whether you are celebrating the children going back to school or lamenting the lazy days of summer, it is time to get back into the school routine. Summer usually results in later bedtimes … Continue reading

Making the Switch from a Crib to a Bed

transitioning from a crib to a bed | Minnesota sleep consultant | Tender Transitions

Our babies grow up fast and one big transition for your toddler is moving from their familiar and comfortable crib into a big-kid bed. When should you make the switch from a crib to a bed and HOW? The transition … Continue reading

Can you Sleep Train and Practice Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting and sleep coaches | Tender Transitions

  Attachment parenting and sleep training are often thought to be on opposite sides of the parenting styles debate. Can attachment parenting and sleep training coexist within a family? Most would lean towards, answering, “No”, but I’m hoping that I … Continue reading

5 Common Sleep Myths

I can clearly remember, like most mothers I’m sure, the very moment I gave birth to my first child. I was absolutely buried in feelings of love and gratitude. And then, about ten to fifteen seconds later, I was equally … Continue reading