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baby and mom traveling, tips for overcoming jet lag

Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag with your Baby

Traveling across several time zones is exhausting as an adult, never mind having a baby in tow. However, it isn’t impossible and I’d like to salute all parents who have the courage and determination to travel with a little one. … Continue reading

brookelynn founder of booboos leakproof nursing bra

Finding Purpose in the Struggles of Motherhood

Meet Brookelynn… A mom of two, who is honest and forthright about the hardships and struggles of being a new mom. Motherhood isn’t all Instagram worthy photos or coffee dates with friends, it’s hard, it’s messy and it can be … Continue reading

10 Tips for Juggling Bedtime Routines

Introducing your new baby to their siblings is a precious moment. The older siblings have been waiting for a ‘long time’ for the baby to finally come out of your belly. The sparkle in their eyes is heartwarming. But how … Continue reading

common myths about sleep training

3 Common Myths About Sleep Training

Quality sleep is one of the cornerstones to healthy living. It improves your productivity, focus and patience. So, when I hear objections based on myths about sleep training, I am driven to correct them. As a parent, I am sure … Continue reading

baby starting to crawl and sleep disruptions

How Developmental Milestones Affect Sleep

As a sleep coach, I am honored to work with many different families and one thing that I’ve learned is that all babies are unique and reach milestones at their own time. When our baby reaches the next developmental milestone, … Continue reading

when to wean nighttime feedings

When Can I Wean At Night?

Feeding your baby, whether its breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, is a beautiful and amazing bonding experience, but at some point, it’s time to be done with this bonding in the middle of the night so your baby can get the solid … Continue reading

girl pinching dad's nose in bed

Can you Co-Sleep and Sleep Train?

When we first meet our baby, our instinct is to stay as close as we can. They are so small and defenseless. We desire to be in contact with them as much as possible and our babies love this attention … Continue reading

Why hire a sleep coach? Why not DYI it? What are the benefits of a sleep coach?

Why Hire a Sleep Coach?

When I tell people that I am a certified sleep coach, I often hear these questions: “Do I really need a sleep coach to get my child sleeping better?”, “I should be able to figure out this sleep thing on … Continue reading

Are baby sleep products worth it? Baby in rocking bed in nursery. Is it all needed?

Are Sleep Products Worth It?

We’ve all seen the commercials that claim a certain product is a ‘miracle’ cure, whether it’s the latest diet pill or stress reliever. We like solutions to our problems to be simple and immediate. The same is true when it … Continue reading

toddler sneaking out of room after bedtime

Keeping Your Toddler in Their Room

Toddlers are persistent! Once they set their mind onto something, they “need” it and will do everything in their power to obtain it - whether it is having that neglected toy that their older sister just picked up or escaping … Continue reading