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FAQ about Tender Transitions

What can I expect in working with Tender Transitions as my sleep coach?

You can expect a sleep plan created just for your family that focuses on the goals you have for your child’s sleep. You can also expect a sleep coach who is in tune with your family’s needs and who provides the level of emotional support you need to implement your sleep plan.

Once I hire you as my sleep coach, what is the process I can expect to go through?

Once you have committed to working with us at Tender Transitions, you will complete a full sleep assessment so your sleep coach will have all the information she needs to create a plan that is perfect for your child. Then we schedule a phone consultation to walk through your sleep plan step by step so you know exactly what to do and how to handle every possible scenario that could arise while helping your child learn new sleep habits.

Once you start implementing your sleep plan, you are not alone. We will walk through your experience with you for a full two or three weeks (depending on your package) through a combination of email support, sleep logs, and scheduled phone calls. You will get all the support you need to stay on track, remain accountable, and make true progress with your child’s sleep.

Will I have to let my child “Cry It Out”?

No! The true definition of “crying it out” is putting your baby in their room alone and leaving him or her to cry and cry, without any comfort, reassurance, or support from you. We will never require you to leave your child alone during the process, and we provide you with options for offering your child comfort and support as they figure out their own strategy of how to make sleep happen for themselves.

However, regardless of which sleep training method you choose, your baby or child will protest the changes. For most children, this means some degree of crying.  Crying is your child’s way of protesting change, and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in them becoming frustrated or mad because you are shaking up their world. But the beauty that comes out of your hard work is an incredible sleeper for years to come!

Please understand that we will never ask you to leave your child alone, nor will we ask you to ignore their cries. The reason that the Sleep Sense™ method is so effective is that it lets you develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child. Set up a free call today and we will discuss your options!

Am I guaranteed results?

Our sleep plans and support are extremely effective. So as long as you follow your sleep coach’s guidance and recommendations, you will be successful. Consistency is key when it comes to changing your child’s sleep habits.  If you are consistent with your plan, your child will understand how sleep needs to happen for them.

And because we are communicating frequently along the way through email and phone support, we will make sure everything is in place for you to see the progress you are expecting. And if you discover along the way that something you initially wanted isn’t working for your child, the plans are flexible enough to easily accommodate changes.

We always leave our clients feeling extremely satisfied and happy with their results. We often hear our clients say that their experience has been “life changing” and that it was the “best investment they could have made.” See more client success stories here.

Why is everything done virtually instead of you coming to our home?

Thanks to technology, we can accomplish everything we need to through phone calls, Skype or Facetime, and email. And as enjoyable as it is to meet you and your child in person, it is not necessary in order for me to create an effective plan that works for your family. We take extensive care in gathering everything we need to understand about your child and their sleep habits before even starting a plan for them.

While the thought of having a sleep coach come and do all the work might sound fabulous, there is a lot of value in YOU doing the work of teaching your child to sleep better. When you are in charge of the process, there is an automatic sense of empowerment that leads to increased confidence in your parenting ability. Your children see you implementing the new plan, and they know they can trust you to do what’s best for them. In addition, you have all the tools you need to keep it going once we say our good-byes. Our support via the phone and email is more than enough to get you through the process and feel supported. If you still feel like you want your sleep coach to come to your home, we can make that happen so let’s discuss your preferences.

What about teething, illness, travel, or a move? Can I still proceed with hiring you as our sleep coach?

Yes! Most everything can be worked around so you can still move ahead with teaching your baby or child better sleep habits even in the midst of these types of challenges. The only thing that could hinder our process is if your child becomes very ill during our time together. In that case, we will put things on hold while your child becomes healthy again, and then pick up where we left off when everyone is ready.



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