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Minnesota Newborn Sleep Coach

Expecting/Newborn Sleep Packages

Ages 0-12 Weeks

baby-age1This package includes:

  • Comprehensive preliminary online assessment of your newborn’s sleep habits.
  • Private, 60-90 minute phone consultation – we will discuss strategies for implementing a healthy sleep plan and tips for encouraging an independent sleeper.
  • Nursery assessment to ensure you have your baby’s sleeping environment in the best possible condition for restful sleep (in-person only).
  • New parent tips on feedings, soothing a fussy baby, and the best baby/parent products.
  • Detailed sleep plan – with goals you can work towards that will teach your baby to fall asleep without “sleep props”, how to handle naps, and bedtime routines.

THREE follow-up telephone calls. These calls are to be used by the time your baby exits the newborn stage (16 weeks of age). These calls typically last about 15-20 minutes.

Standard $247
Work with Leann $325

Newborn 3-call Package: With any newborn comes many, many questions! And this includes questions about their sleep habits. Sleep training is not appropriate for newborn babies but there are things you can start doing now to create healthy sleep habits. If a full newborn sleep plan isn’t right for you, consider this call package. You receive three 20-minute phone calls to be used before your child is 16 weeks of age. These calls will address any questions you have related to your newborn’s sleep.

Standard $97
Work with Leann $125

Newborn Sleep Coach in Minnesota

Additional Services

60-minute phone call (for previous/current clients only): This is perfect for transitions, regressions, travel, or illness recovery that require more time than a one-time 20-minute phone call.

Standard $97
Work with Leann $125

One 30-minute phone call (previous/current clients only): This is a great option if you have one or two questions about your child’s current sleep habits after we have previously worked together. It’s a great option to get some tips on things like nap transitions, upcoming travel or recovering from a trip or time zone change, or transitioning your child to a big kid bed.

Standard $49
Work with Leann $69

One week of email support (for previous/current clients only): This is a good option if you feel you just need a little more support before we say good-bye for things like improving naps or answering additional questions. It is also another great option to work through regressions, travel, illness, etc.

Standard $129
Work with Leann $165

12-month Bundle  (previous clients only)After our initial work together is over, it can be hard to say good-bye! There are usually more sleep questions that arise after you’ve done all the hard work. This call bundle includes six 20-minute phone calls with a Minnesota newborn sleep expert to be used over the course of one year to discuss anything related to your child’s sleep.

Standard $199
Work with Leann $245

Note: If it has been longer than 6 months from your initial consultation, or it’s related to a new sleep challenge, please purchase the Refresher Package. If your child has entered a new phase, such as transitioning to a bed, please purchase a new package.