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Success Stories

BABYSLIDERI have enjoyed working with so many families in the Twin Cities and nationwide through my work as a pediatric sleep consultant, postpartum doula, and lactation counselor. Here are just a few examples of what my clients have to say about their experience with Tender Transitions.


Leann has an abundance of compassion, professionalism, and skill in supporting new families as they grow and bond. I have already begun to offer her services in clinic.

—Amy Burt, D.D.F.A.A.P., Park Nicollet Health Services


I wanted to write and say thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your wonderful care and tender guidance in working with us and our daughter.  It has truly been an amazing transition.  We were out of town this weekend and many people asked us if she was a good sleeper and we were able to say “YES” that she sleeps from around 6:30pm-7:00am.  They couldn’t believe it!  It also shocked them that she does not have a pacifier at all and the she goes to bed just by laying down!  I think this weekend it really sunk in that without your guidance and support we would not be getting restful nights sleep and helping our daughter learn the life long skills to be an independent and good sleeper!  I have and will continue to recommend your services to people who I hear are struggling with their little ones sleep! Please continue with the work that you do — it is amazing and much needed in the community!

— Meghan and Jared, Minneapolis


Our son Sam has not been a good sleeper since we turned his crib into a convertible.  The combination of the freedom to get out of bed and standard child separation anxiety led to more and more wake-ups over time, eventually reaching 5-6 times a night.  We researched, read books, and tried many different things to change his behavior but our efforts were generally inconsistent and did not improve the situation.  Leann was able to devise a structured plan for us based on Sam’s pattern of behavior that was easy for us to execute and more importantly easy for him to understand.  Through a well communicated system of rewards and consequences, Sam’s night time wake-ups pretty much stopped entirely within a week of implementation.  Now, a few weeks in, he has maintained this with very few regressions to his old behavior.  As a result, everyone in the family is happier and more well rested.  I would recommend Leann for any parent struggling with getting their child to sleep through the night.

– Andrew, Chaska, MN


Leann gave you the feeling that she was spending time and serious thought mulling over the possible causes of your baby’s sleep patterns and gave solid guidance on when to shift gears and try something new. It really is hard to explain to someone how a sleep consultant works and what the benefits are until you go through it yourself.  Now that I have, I will absolutely recommend Leann to friends who may wonder if it’s right for them. I turned around from thinking that I could do it on my own by reading books, to realizing that books can only take you so far, and after a certain point, you gotta call in a professional! And to think this all happened in only a matter of a few weeks…

— Marie and Everett, Minneapolis, MN


It was clear from the start Leann had a significant amount of experience (and success) from which to draw my son’s sleep plan. Nothing was judged, and nothing felt insumountable as soon as we started working together. Getting over that psychological hurdle — from being ready to let my son sleep independently — to having a plan for accomplishing that in a gentle manner that didn’t undo all of the attentive, nurturing parenting that had gone before, was a Godsend. Also, Leann was willing to get started when we were, even though it was the week she and her family were going on vacation. Such selflessness definitely speaks to her true understanding of, and commitment to, the care she provides.

— Johnna, Chicago, IL


Thank you so much Leann for your service. The state of MN is lucky to have you! I searched and searched and there were hardly any options to support parents in our area with sleep training and transitions (apart from a book). Sure, I read a million books and I knew about all the various sleep training methods, but I couldn’t bring myself (or my husband) to do it without knowing everything would be ok. We can’t thank you enough for your help. Our daughter is now on the path to forming healthy sleep habits.

— Sarah, Prior Lake, MN


Leann came recommended to us by a very reputable yoga studio in Minneapolis.  As soon as we met with her, I knew we were going to make progress with our son’s sleep, and we immediately did!  She was able to help us transition him out of our bed, into his own crib and learn to self soothe himself.  It all happened so quickly.   I was also very pleased with Leann’s approach to our issues, her caring nature and her communication.  Wonderful experience!

— Sheila, Shorwood, MN


I would highly recommend Leann to anyone that is experiencing sleep challenges at home. We found it extremely helpful for someone to tailor a plan that meets the needs of your child and family, make any necessary adjustments to it and then be there to offer assistance with the challenges that arise. In our house, this was the best decision we could have made!

— Bianca, Chanhassen, MN


Thank you so much–you helped us change our lives for the better and your support made all the difference in keeping us accountable and motivated to make this huge change in our lives. Now we are enjoying the benefits of our evenings free again and happy, rested kiddos!

— Megan, Hallock, MN


kariMy son was adopted at 5 months old, and we have had sleep issues from day one. 

He was very underweight and our pediatrician recommended continuing the night feedings well past his 1st birthday.  Once we stopped that, I could never let him “cry it out” when he woke several times throughout the night, so we struggled to keep him in his own bed and to get him to go to sleep by himself.  I had given up fighting the battle and just assumed my son, who is now 6, would be sleeping with me until he was a teenager. 

I was skeptical that this new plan would work, but I was willing to try and Leann’s confidence was enough for me.  I cannot express how much this has changed a small but incredibly important part of our lives.  I had grown to dread bedtime so much because it was an ugly battle every night that left my son in tears and me in a horrible mood.  We have our bedtime snuggles back and that is a very treasured time for me! 

— Kari P., Shoreview, MN


Leann helped us learn how to be supportive of our child as she learned to soothe herself to sleep.  We discontinued using breastfeeding and rocking as a crutch to encourage her to sleep. By moving up the bedtime and changing the order of her routine we were able to see that she really preferred to start her bedtime much earlier than we had been doing. She is also now getting quality naps at home on the weekends, which she was previously unable to do before developing her ‘sleepy time’ routine.  It was beneficial to learn exactly how much sleep she should be getting during the night and throughout the day when she naps.

— Khara B., Maple Plain, MN


Melissa CarberryLeann was instrumental in helping our family regain the sleep we were missing or that was being interrupted because of our poor sleeping habits. She helped us put a plan in place that eased our son into good sleeping habits. He now falls asleep on his own and is no longer waking up in the middle of the night thus crawling into our bed.

Thanks to Leann my husband and I are also getting the sleep we need to function during the day. We highly recommend Leann and know that if you put your trust in her you will have a very happy household as well.

— Melissa C., Plymouth, MN


jennieLeann’s open and honest communication style was very much appreciated.  Even though we knew we were the initial people to start this crazy sleep pattern, she didn’t make us feel that. 

We felt supported right from the beginning. I wouldn’t change a thing….thanks to her we’re all sleeping again!

–Jennie F., Fairbault, MN


Ingrid and Mike and Family Leann was a huge help to us in so many ways.  As new parents we were in need of some coaching and with twins an extra set of caring hands was wonderful.  

Leann was flexible and insightful when some unexpected health issues arose.  She was great at showing us how to swaddle and how to put our girls to sleep.  Many of the skills Leann imparted to us during the first few months home continue to serve us well.  

We definitely have recommended her services to others who are expecting or are new parents.

–Ingrid and Mike, Eden Prairie, MN