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Twin Cities Sleep Coach

Being a parent is one of the most important, rewarding, and surprisingly difficult jobs in the world. Our mission, as infant and child sleep coaches, is to guide parents through a personal journey toward helping their child sleep better.

This is accomplished through a loving and effective process that teaches their child how to sleep more independently. And we know this for a fact: when our kids are sleeping well, everyone in the family benefits.

We want to make sure you have the right fit with our coaches. Your get acquainted call with Leann will allow us to find the best match for your family with a sleep coach in the Twin Cities MN area.

Meet Our Sleep Coaches Serving the Twin Cities and Worldwide

Leann Latus

Founder and Owner

Infant and Child Sleep Coach

Leann Latus Sleep CoachMy journey to becoming a Sleep Coach started as a result of my own experiences as a parent – the exciting wins and successes, and also the things learned from struggles and failures.

After experiencing significant fertility challenges, I understand the frustration of trying to build a family when nothing feels like it’s working. I know the elation of finally bringing home my baby after waiting for what seemed like forever. And as a former corporate professional, I can relate to the challenges of returning to work while still adjusting to all the life changes that come with a new baby.

My Introduction to the Beautiful World of Postpartum Care

During my maternity leave with my first son, I really struggled to find my place as a mom. In hindsight, I realize I was dealing with some postpartum anxiety. I made it through those first challenging months, though I was struggling every day. As a result, I hired a postpartum doula with my second son. I wanted someone caring and knowledgeable to help me through that phase so I could enjoy it more.

The experience was so positive and so life-changing. It made all the difference to have someone come alongside me during that vulnerable time. I decided to leave my marketing career and become a postpartum doula and lactation counselor so I could also support breastfeeding moms.

babyslideraboutA few years later, we had our two sons — one who became a pretty good sleeper on his own, and another who continued to have several challenges with being an independent sleeper. We found ourselves having to significantly help my 3-year-old son get to sleep every night, often with many battles. During the night I was helping my son back to sleep 3-5 times per night. He wasn’t getting the sleep he needed, and I was exhausted and discouraged.

I finally reached out to Dana Obleman, founder of the Sleep Sense Program, and she guided me through a detailed sleep plan to help get him on track. It was an absolute lifesaver — physically, emotionally, and relationally. I knew I had to add this to my services that I provide to families.

This was such a turning point in my family that I decided to become a certified infant and child sleep coach through Dana Obleman’s program, Sleep Sense. I have never looked back.  

I feel so blessed to spend my days helping all family members get more and better sleep — and in a way that fits their parenting style and philosophy. I know what it feels like to have a family that isn’t functioning at their best due to the lack of sleep. And I also know now what it feels like to have children — and grown-ups! — waking up well-rested and ready for the day because they are sleeping well.

I have been honored to help over 600 families develop and carry out a plan that leads to restorative and much-needed sleep.



Leann Latus 

Hi, I am the owner and founder of Tender Transitions. My journey to becoming a certified Infant and Child Sleep Coach started with my own family’s experience and success with sleep training. Now, I have the pleasure of seeing other families benefit and thrive by helping them create independent sleepers and have helped over 600 families succeed. I look forward to every opportunity to help other families reach their sleep goals!
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Dana Lee

Sleep Coach

Infant and Child Sleep Coach

Hello! My name is Dana and I am a Certified Infant & Child Sleep Coach with Tender Transitions.Dana Lee, Infant and Child Sleep Coach

Originally from Chicago, I now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband, a spunky 3-year old girl and our baby boy. My daughter, Freya was two years old when I decided to become a certified sleep coach and start helping families experience the benefits of full nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Before our daughter was born, I read many pregnancy and birth books but only ONE child behavior/sleep book. After she arrived, I had never been happier..or more exhausted. Not only was I tired from having a newborn baby, but I also had a history of not being a good sleeper.

During maternity leave from my previous job, I felt totally reactive and at times, felt like I’d never get any sleep ever again. I went back to work when Freya was 12 weeks old and barely managed to survive on only a couple hours of sleep a night.

The Turning Point

Just around the time our daughter turned 5 months a coworker recommended Leann to help our family get the sleep that we all needed. I had never heard of a sleep coach and wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew a change needed to happen.

Leann created a plan for us and after three nights our daughter slept from 6:30 PM-6:15 AM. On her own! It felt like a miracle. It changed our lives. It changed how we responded to each other. I was able to be “me” again.

Having a sleep coach for our family was so life-changing that I knew I wanted to help other families. I wanted to learn as much as I could in order to train other families and get them the sleep that they need.

In 2018, I completed training through the Sleep Sense Program, as well as training side-by-side directly with Leann, to become a Tender Transitions Certified Infant and Child Sleep Coach. 

I love being part of the Tender Transitions team and look forward to working with you and other families in order to find the perfect balance. As a full-time working mom, I know how important sleep is for everyone in the family!

Dana Lee

Hello, I am Dana, a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Coach and a proud member of the Tender Transitions team. As a full-time working mom I know how important sleep is for everyone in the family! I enjoy helping families transition from stressful nights to peaceful sleep as their child learns to fall asleep and fall back asleep on their own.
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Carin Bratlie Wethern

Sleep Coach

Infant and Child Sleep Coach

Hi! I’m Carin and I’m an Infant and Child Sleep Coach with Tender Transitions.

I’ve lived all over the world but now call Bloomington, MN home. I live with my husband, daughter, Beatrice, and our dog, Harry. I am the Artistic Director of a theater company, a professional bespoke knitter, a tuba player in a brass quintet, and passionate about sleep! (Whew!) I’ve always had a non-traditional schedule, artistic bent, and juggled lots of interests. I also love helping people.

Before Beatrice was born I did lots of research and thought I was fully prepared for every eventuality. When she was born we struggled so hard to do the right things with her sleep, and we had read ALL the books, but it was overwhelming and everything seemed to be contradictory. But the marathon of sleeplessness just went on and on… and it was agonizing. In the moment of each nap and each night-waking, we ended up always trying different things and clinging to what USED to work… it all ended up just digging us deeper into a sleepless hole.

We needed help… we needed a guide.

Enter Tender Transitions. One-on-one coaching that guides every step of the way… it is not hyperbole to say that Leann changed our life, plain and simple. She helped us teach Bea how to fall asleep on her own, and the experience was so inspiring that I knew I wanted to give that same life-changing help to other families.

In 2019, I trained through the Sleep Sense program, as well as working under Leann, to become a Tender Transitions Infant and Child Sleep Coach. Sleep is as important as eating and breathing, and I love helping families give their children the gift of sleep!

Carin Bratlie Wethern

Hello, I am Carin, a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Coach. As a sleep coach, I help families teach their children independent sleep skills for a lifetime of restful, restorative sleep. Our family’s experience with sleep training was life changing, so much so that now I want to help others with the same thing.
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