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When Is the Right Time to Sleep Train?

Are you tired of nighttime wakings and bedtime battles? Are you struggling with establishing a solid sleep routine? Is putting your child down for a nap painful? Then now is the right time to sleep train! The process of teaching your baby to sleep through the night is going to …

stay-at-home survival guide for parents

Stay-At-Home Survival Guide for Parents

Wow! This past month has been crazy. How have you been surviving these extraordinary times of mandated stay-at-home orders? For some parents, it’s juggling school work in between video conferencing with work or having to find alternative daycare while heading out into the frontlines. I am in the “working full …

Potty Training at Night

Can you imagine the day that you don’t have to turn down the diaper aisle? Nighttime potty training is that last step to diaper freedom. Buying that last pack of diapers is a major parenting milestone and a wallet-saving celebration. It’s the icing on the parenting cake! However, sometimes our …

Toddlers And Their Stalling Tactics

Toddlers are amazing little humans. When their speech and thought ability develops, their personality really starts to shine. However, they also become more creative in their stalling tactics. It’s fascinating what toddler think up of in order to get out of bedtime. What can be done to circumvent these boundary-testing …

What Can You Do About An Early Riser?

Anything before your morning coffee is hard to handle. And if your baby is consistently waking up before six in the morning, you may need two cups of coffee. Is there anything that you can about an early riser? Or are some babies just early morning people? Can you teach …

How To Get Your Picky Eater To Try New Foods

Do you have a picky eater? Not exactly a sleep-related topic but one that comes up often with my clients. Sleep and nutrition are both important factors in our children’s health. So, I thought it might be nice to take a little break from writing about sleep and address another …

How To Deal With The Fear Of The Dark

Have you ever been fast asleep in the middle of the night and then become suddenly aware that a little person is standing right beside you? Then you hear, “Mommy, I can’t sleep…there’s a monster in my room.” After the initial shock of being startled awake, you walk your little …

kids hugging | Tender Transitions

How To Sleep Train If Your Kids Share A Room?

How do you sleep train when your kids share a room? This can be a tricky scenario but definitely is not impossible. When it’s time to move your youngest into a room with your toddler, how do you do it without waking up the older child? I wish there was …

light sleeper baby | Tender Transitions

How to Handle a Light Sleeper

Does your baby wake up every time you walk past his or her door? Do you make sure your whole house is silent during naptime? What do you do when your baby seems to wake up from any noise? How do you handle a light sleeper? This is a common …

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